Extensive patent searches

Extensive patent searches help a UK medical supplier. We were approached by a UK medical supplies company when they became fed up with supply issues and the high prices being demanded by a US manufacturer of a popular medical product. The supplier had told our client that the product was covered by many patents and hence had a monopoly as their supplier.

Initially, the client sought our advice about whether a radically different and functionally inferior product would infringe the supplier’s patents. However, extensive patent searches by chapman+co only revealed 3 patents in the field, only 1 which was relevant to the product and covered an insignificant feature. 

Hence the client was able to boost profitability by sourcing an almost identical product from another supplier at a greatly reduced cost and without any of the previous supply issues.

  The 'very responsive and approachable' Helga Chapman... “...particularly well regarded for its hi-tech patent work” ....clients appreciate the “thorough and to-the-point advice” that they receive.

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2014 Edition

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